Auxiliary Units Roster of the THSMB

Majorettes have been an integral part of the THSMB ever since the consolidation and creation of Triway, but the flag corps had a limited life and drum majors have only been leading the band intermittently since 1978.  After the 1984-1985 school year, the flag corps was disbanded (no pun intended).  The flag corps was mostly made up of non band members as a way to include them into the band program, but majorettes and drum majors were and are members of the band and play their instruments during concert season.  Until the marching band season of 2002, all majorettes had to be at least an incoming sophomore to try out for a spot on the majorette line.  This gave them fun & valuable experience as a marching band member during their freshman year and helped them develop a feeling of being "one of the group".  However, the decision was made in 2002 to no longer do this, and so the Triway band had its first freshman majorettes that year.  Another fact about the majorette line is that from the beginning, Triway had a head majorette position.  This distinction was dropped in 1990 and hasn't been used since.

This list is NOT COMPLETE for the majorettes of 1971, 1973, 1974, and 1976 or for the Flag Corps at all!

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Drum Majors

1970-none 1980-Sherry Tarantino 1990-Curt Ferree 2000-Josh Cline 2010-Olivia Mann
1971-none 1981-none 1991-Susan Schnipke 2001-Vicki Sombuttaveekoon
1972-none 1982-none 1992-Jason Marker 2002-Vicki Sombuttaveekoon
1973-none 1983-none 1993-Jason Marker 2003-Rachel Schlabach
1974-none 1984-none 1994-Dori Taylor 2004-Janelle Rowland
1975-none 1985-Tom Turpin 1995-Dori Taylor 2005-Katie Esselburn
1976-none 1986-Tom Turpin 1996-Dori Taylor 2006-Jayla Miller
1977-none 1987-none 1997-none 2007-Haley Carr & Hannah George
1978-Mark Black 1988-Wendy Friday 1998-Matt Franklin 2008-Hannah George
1979-none 1989-Wendy Friday 1999-Josh Cline 2009-Nick Taylor

Majorette Lines

Pre 1962
1962-(?) Bridget Hosfeld (head), Kay Heim, Susan McMillen, Linda Morris, Gloria Shankland, Mary Jo Taylor, Barbara White
(students were still attending Shreve High School for the first semester of  '62-'63)
1963-(?) Bridget Hosfeld (head), Kay Heim, Linda Morris, Gloria Shankland, Mary Jo Taylor, Barbara White
1964-(6) Linda Morris (head), Kay Heim (asst head), Carol Hofstetter, Susan McMillen, Linda Troutman, Barbara White
1965-(7) Linda Morris (head), Karen Annette, Becky Brauneck, Kathy Gallo, Pam Leitch, Susan Sivey, Judy White
1966-(7) Kathy Gallo (head), Karen Annette, Becky Brauneck, Claudia Hosfeld, Pam Leitch, Karen Shanklin, Susan Sivey
1967-(9) Kathy Gallo (head), Karen Annette,  Debbie Gallo, Claudia Hosfeld, Kathy Kitchen, Judi Lawrence, Debbie Shankland,
                  Karen Shanklin, Susan Sivey
1968-(7) Claudia Hosfeld (head), Helen Armstrong, Nancy Edington, Kathy Kitchen, Debbie Shankland, Ann Todaro, Peggy Turner
1969-(6) Nancy Edington (head), Helen Armstrong, Kathy Kitchen, Debbie Shankland, Ann Todaro, Peggy Turner
1970-(4) Ann Todaro (head), Phyllis Armstrong, Nancy Gallo, Laura Peck
1971-(6) Phyllis Armstrong (head), Nancy Gallo, others...
1972-(6) Phyllis Armstrong (head), Cheryl Akins, Jane Besancon, Les Dye, Nancy Gallo, Lisa Wood
1973-(6) Lisa Wood (head), Ann Riggenbach, others...
1974-(6) Jane Besancon (head), Ann Riggenbach, others...
1975-(6) Ann Riggenbach (head), Karen Boughton, Linda Boyer, Chris Gildersleeve, Jacinta Hosfeld, Sandy Wirt
1976-(?) Chris Gildersleeve (head), Linda Boyer (head), Lisa Wirt, Sandy Wirt
1977-(7) Linda Boyer (head), Lori Christopher, Lisa Devore, Lynn Hess, Valerie Morton, Lisa Wirt, Sandy Wirt
1978-(6) Valerie Morton (head), Keely Carmichael, Lori Christopher, Lisa Devore, Lynn Hess, Lisa Wirt
1979-(6) Lori Christopher (head), Keely Carmichael, Stephanie Coleman, Cheryl Culbertson, Lisa Devore, Margaret Scheck
1980-(8) Keely Carmichael (head), Stephanie Coleman, Cheryl Culberson, Sharon Finley, Margaret Scheck, Kelly Schie, Pam Sprague,
                      Chris Wilson
1981-(6) Sharon Finley (head), Jinny Basford, Kelly Schie, Pam Sprague, Becky Watson, Chris Wilson
1982-(6) Pam Sprague (head), Jill Basford, Cindy Bricker, Lisa Culbertson, Becky Watson, Rebecca Taylor
1983-(6) Becky Watson (head), Brenda Arnholt, Jill Basford, Cindy Bricker, Lisa Culbertson, Jill Habegger
1984-(5) Jill Basford (head), Brenda Arnholt, Jill Habegger, Steph Garver, Andrea Renner
1985-(5) Jill Habegger (head), Brenda Arnholt, Steph Garver, Lori Hastings, Julie Oneacre
1986-(5) Lori Hastings & Julie Oneacre (co-head), Sharon Miller, Aimee Speicher, Leslie Taylor
1987-(5) Aimee Speicher (head), Sherri Arnholt, Lisa Hastings, Sharon Miller, Leslie Taylor
1988-(6) Aimee Speicher (head), Sherri Arnholt, Lisa Hastings, Sharon Miller, Andi Phillips, Leslie Taylor
1989-(4) Lisa Hastings (head), Sherri Arnholt, Beth Martin, Andi Phillips
1990-(3) Michelle Baney, Beth Martin, Andi Phillips
1991-(4) Michelle Baney, Beth Martin, Becky Mengel, Tracy Speicher
1992-(5) Erlina Bowers, Becky Mengel, Tracy Speicher, Tracy Talbott, Jennifer Yund
1993-(5) Erlina Bowers, Becky Mengel, Tracy Speicher, Tracy Talbott, Jennifer Yund
1994-(1) Tracy Talbott (feature twirler)
1995-(1) Kim Mengel
1996-(1) Kim Mengel
1997-(2) Kim Mengel, Erin Carney
1998-(1) Tara Talbott
1999-(2) Nicole Long, Jill Robbins
2000-(3) Danielle Emerson, Nicole Long, Jill Robbins
2001-(7) Danielle Emerson, Tara Huffman, Nicole Long, Rachelle Morrison, Megan Neal, Deb Ray, Jill Robbins
2002-(4) Danielle Emerson, Megan Neal, *Lisa Robbins*, *Christina Swartz*
2003-(3) Megan Neal, Lisa Robbins, Christina Swartz
2004-(2) Lisa Robbins, Christina Swartz
2005-(5) *Cassie Carr*, Kelsie Johnston, Lisa Robbins, Christina Swartz, *Melinda Wolboldt*
2006-(4) Cassie Carr, *Krista Connor*, Kelsie Johnston, Melinda Wolboldt
2007-(5) Cassie Carr, Krista Connor, Natalie Fry, Kelsie Johnston, Melinda Wolboldt
2008-(6) *Kaylene Biddle*, Cassie Carr, Krista Connor, Natalie Fry, Melinda Wolboldt, *Lauren Yacapraro*
2009-(3) Kaylene Biddle, Natalie Fry, Lauren Yacapraro
2010-(4) Jennifer Anderson, Kaylene Biddle, *Celeste Houmard*, Lauren Yacapraro

* * denotes freshman majorette

Flag Corps

The flag corps began with either the 1973 or 1974 marching band season.

1974-(?) Jean Geib, Melinda Miller, Jane Parkinson, Joyce Wagner
1975-(?) Kay Brazee, Karen Martine, Karen McGaha, Jane Parkinson
1976-(?) Melody Burnison, Addie Garrison, Jackie Johnson, Karen Martine, Karen McGaha, Jane Parkinson, Kay Patterson
1977-(?) Jane Parkinson (captain), Melissa Boord, Melody Burnison, Addie Garrison, Karen Martine, Karen McGaha, Shellee Morris, Kay Patterson, Margaret Scheck
1978-(15) Addie Garrison, Karen Martine, Karen McGaha (tri-captains), Melissa Boord, Cindy Chittenden, Sharon Finley, Lynette Fulton, Mary Garrison, Lori Geig, Pam Jewell, Shellee Morris, Shawn Neil, Margaret Scheck, Chris Wilson
1979-(?) Melissa Boord (head), Susan Berger (?), Pam Borchert, Cindy Chittenden, Andrea Devore, Sharon Finley, Mary Garrison, Lori Geig (?), Pam Jewell, Teresa Kittle (?), Lori Michaels, Shawn Neil, Joyce Root, Geri Russ, Jodie Steen, Sue Villard, Chris Wilson, Shelly Wirt, Sharon Woods, Verna Woods (?)
1980-(16) Melissa Boord (captain), Susan Berger, Lisa Blair, Pam Borchert, Cindy Chittenden, Carrie Foltz, Mary Garrison, Pam Jewell, Kris Johnson, Teresa Kittle (?), Shawn Neil, Geri Russ, Jodie Steen, Verna Woods, Deb Zuercher
1981-(13) Cindy Chittenden & Shawn Neil (co-captains), Pam Borchert, Julie Bricker, Lisa Burkhart, Tammy Copley, Bonnie Daugherty (?), Renee Geib, Kris Johnson, Suzi Renner, Christine VanSickle
1982-(14) Kris Johnson (captain), Sundee Bright, Cindy Butler, Tammy Copley, Jennifer Durham, Carol Horn, Steph Long, Patty Luke, Heather MacFarland, Cindy Morris, Ann Mullet, Suzi Renner, Kim Rudisell, Christine VanSickle
1983-(16) Tammy Copley & Christine VanSickle (co-captains), Sundee Bright, Cindy Butler, Melissa Fry, Steph Long, Patty Luke, Heather MacFarland, Cindy Morris, Ann Mullet, Suzi Renner, Kim Rudisell, Missy Schalmo, Andrea Tuttle, BJ Wyatt
1984-(?) Ann Mullet & Suzi Renner (co-captains), Annette Boley, Sundee Bright, Serina Johnson, Cindy Morris, Carrie Plank, Missy Schalmo, Nina Specht, Andrea Tuttle, Jessica White, BJ Wyatt

The flag corps was disbanded after the 1984 marching band season.